Welcome to Original Christianity!

The purpose of this website is, as its title implies, to present Christianity in its original form as described in the New Testament. Why the need for such a website? Although there are millions of Christian websites out there, none exists, to my knowledge, which teaches the original doctrines of the New Testament church accurately, though one may find some bits of truth here and there. My biblical studies have shown that both traditional  or “orthodox” Christianity and non-traditional forms of Christianity have deviated much from the plain teachings of the Bible and I started this website with a view to sharing the results of my studies with interested readers.

Claims to “original Christianity” are everywhere, as a search on the web would reveal, so what is distinctive about this site? A perusal of the summary of my principle views given here will answer that question. The most distinctive view advocated on this website is that the church founded by Jesus did not exist beyond the first century, though individuals have been saved throughout history and are now being saved on the same basis as the first century Christians. All eschatological prophecies, including the resurrection and the rapture, took place in the first century. Therefore, all “churches” that existed after the first century, beginning with the Catholic Church, are false and heretical.

The tag to the website’s title, “Explaining the faith of the first century Christians,” would be misleading without qualification. For there was heresy even in the first century and we have evidence of that in the New Testament. Therefore I mean, of course, the faith of those first century Christians who were faithful to the teachings of Christ.

Leonard Jayawardena

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