My Articles

This page lists the articles which I have completed to date. New articles will be added to the page as and when they are ready for publication. The currently available articles have a clickable title. Those which have not are still under preparation or just future projects but are mentioned, so that the reader may know what he can expect to see on the site on a future visit.

In any serious treatment of Bible issues, a discussion of relevant linguistic points is unavoidable. Therefore I have not hesitated to cite the original Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek texts, the last of which in transliteration (without diacritics), where necessary. This is especially pertinent to the series of articles below which deals with a number of doctrinally significant Bible verses which exegetes have translated and interpreted in various ways.

Some important Bible verses subject to different translations and interpretations

  1. Mark 7:19: Purifying all foods
  2. John 2:15: He Drove Out All: Both the Sheep and the Oxen
  3. 3. Revelation 22:2: The Tree of Life or A Tree of Life?
  4. Blessed Are Those Who Have Not Seen and Yet Have Come to Believe

Articles on various Bible topics

A. Old Testament
  1. Articles on the Book of Genesis
    • The Creation Accounts in Genesis 1 and 2
    • Where Was the Garden of Eden?
    • The Seed of the Woman
  2. Articles on the book of Daniel
B. New Testament
  1. Articles on Jesus Christ






  1. Articles on the book of Revelation
    • The Beast of Revelation
    • Who are the 144,000 in Revelation?
  2. Salvation and Judgement
  3. The Bible
    • Is the entire Bible the Word of God?
    • Is the Bible Inerrant?
  4. Is the doctrine of the trinity biblical?
  5. Is the holy spirit a person?
  6. The Kingdom of God
  7. Does Man Have an Immortal Soul?
  8. Lazarus and the Rich Man
  9. The Resurrection of the Body: Does the Bible Teach It?

Solutions to Bible Difficulties

Some alleged Bible contradictions or inconsistencies are real, but others have solutions. In these articles I discuss certain alleged Bible contradictions or inconsistencies for which there are solutions.

  1. The Jehu Problem

Problems in the Bible

    1. Was the divine name known before Moses or not?


Christian heresies
  1. Roman Catholic heresies
  2. Did Jesus Have Blood Brothers and Sisters?
    • Transubstantiation: Does the Bible Teach it?
    • The Idolatrous Veneration of Mary
    • Infant Baptism
    • Baptismal Regeneration
    • Modern Roman Catholic Heresies
  3. Jehovah’s Witnesses heresies
Other Articles
  1. Some Thoughts on Creation and Evolution
  2. Is the Koran a Divine Revelation?

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